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Megan Meyer

Megan Meyer

Executive Assistant/Marketing Coordinator

Hello! My name is Megan Meyer. I joined Cornerstone Advisors LLC in January 2011. With an Economics professor as a grandfather and a father who is passionate about this industry, it was inevitable that I would someday find myself here.

My academic background is in Social Science (therefore Behavioral Finance Theory which melds this industry and Social Science together is of great fascination to me!) but the bulk of my experience that has benefited me in this position comes from running my own piano studio for 10 years. It was there I learned business and creativity can co-exist. A union I continue to be blessed with in this position.

My husband, Andrew, and I live in South County. Andrew is a Team Member Development Manager and a Personal Trainer at Lifetime Fitness. We are blessed to be part of The Crossing church community at Grant's Trail in South County.

It is my pleasure to help serve Mark's clients, please contact me directly anytime. I am happy to help in any way I can.

Fun Facts About Megan:

Megan graduated high school from Mizzou High School (yep! They have a high school program!).

Her favorite TV shows include Frasier, Friends, Mozart in the Jungle and The Dick Van Dyke Show (the latter of which you can often find her streaming on Netflix during her lunch break!)

She and her husband have 2 cats-Kai and Zoe

In her downtime, you can find Megan's nose in an Herbalism book and a cup of herbal tea in her hand. She loves to grow her own herbs and learn about the healing power of nature!

Megan always has music playing! She loves Jazz, Electronic, and Classical.